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How To Raise Your Sex Libido: For Men

Consulting a professional

Everyone knows that men are usually the ones who have the higher sex drive in the relationship. However, sometimes there are cases when their libido is so low that they do not have any interest into sex even if they want to. For such cases, there are many different treatments such as increasing testosterone levels with exercise, proper diet, shockwave treatment, and many other ways.

Causes of low libido that should be taken care of

There was a saying that age plays the major role when it comes to low libido, however, that is not entirely true. Even if aging does take part in the cause, there are a lot of older men who have an incredible interest in sex.

Besides aging being a small factor, there are some lot bigger ones that can make a man uninterested in sexual activities. One of the biggest issues that show off as low libido are psychological issues. In modern society, it is not uncommon for an adult man to get stressed.

Do not give up if you happen to not be in the mood for sex, it happens.


Stress is one of the highest causes when it comes to low libido, and it mostly happens because men today are working too hard trying to become successful so they can provide everything to their families. However, besides stress, there are some other psychological factors that play a role in a low sex drive.

Psychological issues

Psychological issues such as depression or anxiety are very common factors that occur in our daily lives, and sometimes their impact is just that big that it makes the person uninterested when it comes to anything and not just sex.

Hormonal issues

Probably one of the biggest factors that is connected to all other issues is the lack of testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that causes desire and sexual interest, when the level of those hormones drops, the interest in both if going to drop significantly as well.

The testosterone levels drop normally as we age, however, chronic diseases, medications, drug use, and some other factors play a much bigger part in lowering one’s libido levels. Besides testosterone, there are some other hormones such as the thyroid hormone, prolactin, and a few other ones that could have an impact on someone’s sex drive.

Consulting a professional can be quite helpful

Overall solutions

Because each individual cause has its own origin, just like any other disease, condition, or an illness, it needs to be taken care of from a different perspective. Before the cause is known for sure, it is advised that you start doing certain things that will help low libido levels no matter what the cause is.

Having a healthy body is very important. This means that you should exercise and not overwork yourself while also having a proper diet that involves various meals. Do not consume only the items that are the easiest and cheapest to get such as junk food. Even if those meals are very convenient, eating them all the time will not only lower your sex drive, but they will cause other problems as well.

Final Word

While the cure for low sex drive in males differs from person to person because the cause is most likely different every time, visiting a professional is definitely going to make the situation better. Doctors today have taken this condition more seriously than in the past, so you can be assured that they know what they are doing.

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