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The aspects of Anadrol

The chemical compound Anadrol has got a variety of names, nicknames and synonyms which are no doubt difficult to pronounce. Anadrol is the most popular anabolic steroid used by the body builders and sports persons all over the world. The steroid is androgen based and sold without prescriptions throughout the world even in the black market industries of each and every country of the world. Anadrol is also known as oxandrolone which is used since the year 1960. In the medical world, this medicinal drug is used for the growth and development of the muscle mass for the malnourished patients and also to the patients who find it difficult to thrive. Anadrol is also used to treat several types of anemia. The leading alternative name of the compound is Anadrol 50.

This is so because the tablets which are prescribed to the body builders and the sports persons are generally given in the dosage of 50 mg. These oral drugs are schedule III controlled drugs which are only available through prescription. The drug has several brand names in the generic form, which are found in various countries of the world.

The most common names are:

  • Anapolon 50
  • Oximetolona
  • Adryod
  • Methabol
  • Anasterone
  • Hydroxymetholone
  • Nastenon

These are just the common sample names among hundred others. This drug has the molecular formula C21H32O3. This compound is metabolic endocrine agents and also hematopoietic agent. It has the ability to synthesize the red blood cells. It is also scientifically proven to cure the anemic condition of the body by decreasing the deficiency of the red blood cells. Anadrol reestablishes the effect of powerful steroid, the Oxymethalone but it does not have any side effects. It increases the production of the red blood cells and also enhances the power of the body to intake more oxygen for the growth and development of the muscles. This drug also reduces the fatigue of the body. The extra development of the muscles means that the person will become stronger, more powerful and will also be able to work out for longer period of time. This drug also increases the metabolic activity of the body; hence the fat retention of the body will be less.

Anadrol is the leading alternative of various androgen based drugs which the sports enthusiasts and body builders add to their daily nutrition. Anadrol is indeed the best and the safest alternative of the unsafe drugs available out there in the market. The development of the Anadrol Cycle is very much common with the athletes to accelerate the improvement of their muscle growth. The cycles are generally of two types, the only Anadrol cycle or the Anadrol cycle used in stack or in combination of other chemical drug compounds.

The results of the Anadrol are beneficial and fruitful based on the usage of the drugs. The intake of the drug in again dependent on the goals and the side effects of the reactions of the drug. Just like other androgen based drugs, even Anadrol contributes to the good number of effects and side effects.

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