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Popularity Of Anavar Among Women

Anavar is considered to be the most female-friendly steroid in the market, the primary reason being the mild effects on the body upon initial use. The probability of occurrence of side-effects on the body is also quite negligible rendering it useful and risk-free for female consumption. Some of the benefits associated with the use of this compound by women include small muscle gains making them look fit and healthy. This subtle gain is mostly preferred by females who opt to take part in bodybuilding and athletic competitions.

This compound is essential for retaining agility for female users taking part in athletic performance. For many women working out for longer periods or undergoing heavy training can often turn out to be a barrier in their way to success. Taking the help of this compound enables the removal of any such hindrance. This compound also improves the cardiovascular endurance which begins to slow down with aging. Above all, this supplement helps to suppress the appetite that is essential for losing unwanted body fat and obtaining a lean and toned look that most women crave for.

Proper dosage administration

While the dosage prescribed for Anavar can vary depending upon the purpose of use and the sensitivity of the user to such compound, it is not modulated depending upon the gender of the user under consideration. Due to the high sensitivity of women users to such compounds, it is prescribed at a much lower dose. This supplement will be more efficient while using it during cutting cycles with the typical recommended dosage for female users ranging between 10mg to 15mg per day. Such a dosage intake will not only reduce the body fat but will also aid in reserving the lean muscle mass that is essential during a low calorie diet.

However, for male professional users the dosage intake can rise as high as 50mg per day with the commonly followed dosage intake being 30mg. During bulking cycles, the recommended dosage level completely changes and male users require a consumption of 80mg to 100mg to experience the desired outcome. On the other hand, women users should not go beyond the permissible limit of 20mg to avoid the risk of negative impacts on the body. Moreover, women should first understand the effects of this compound on their system before opting for a higher intake level. The effect on the body can be clearly identified from the before and after photos submitted by Anavar users.

Side effects to be avoided

Though Anavar is known to have minimal negative impact on the user, there are certain negligible side effects associated with its use which every user must be aware of. A major problem associated with the use of this supplement among women is the effect of virilization which makes the user look more feminine. Other effects that have been observed from photos submitted by Anavar users involve growth of body hair, deeper vocal tone, enlargement of the clitoris and changes in facial structure. Taking the help of a medical professional can help to reduce the risk of occurrence of these negative impacts.


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